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2021 Venue Booking information

Faculty of Health Sciences Venue Online Booking System (VOBS)

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences Venue Online Booking System (VOBS). The purpose of the online system is to easily book Faculty venues and provide detailed directives on how to conduct Face-to-Face sessions (F2F) in the Faculty buildings and related spaces under various COVID-19 Alert Levels, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will enable a degree of consistency in carrying out face-to-face activities in predetermined group sizes and appropriate venues, following required COVID-19 Protocols and risk mitigation measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff involved in these processes.

Please click This link to download the spreadsheet with the capacities of each available venue.

COVID-19 SOP Protocols for FHS Venue Bookings

We are currently at Lockdown Level  3

When booking a Faculty venue, please ensure all participants adhere to the current COVID-19 Protocols for venue use (please tick for each section to agree to abide by the COVID rules):

Current acceptable F2F sessions during COVID-19 for venue use:

  1. Orientation/Induction of students
  2. Clinical Skills teaching
  3. Laboratory session
  4. High-Stakes Assessment (Theory)
  5. High-Stakes Assessment (Clinical)
  6. Medium-Stakes Assessment
  7. Small Group Tutorial (max 50 students, regardless of venue)
  8. F2F Meetings where Teams is not suitable




1. Booking

1.1 Venue to be booked online as per the Venue Online Booking System (VOBS) form.

1.2 Venue to be booked by the Wednesday prior to the week of intended use.

1.3 Single use of venues can be booked from now to end of academic calendar year.

1.4 Multiple use of venues can only be booked for three consecutive weeks, to rebook thereafter.

1.5 One hour F2F sessions are recommended, longer sessions require multiple breaks to air out venue

1.6 Confirmation of booking venue will occur with a reply email.

2. Capacity

2.1 Maximum persons in a venue (including students and lecturers) is 50% of venue normal capacity or maximum of 50 persons, whichever is reached first [i.e.  venue normal capacity of 70 persons has maximum capacity of 35 persons. Venue normal capacity of 250 persons has max capacity of 100 persons]

2.2 Social distancing of 1.5m to be observed by all participants when arriving to campus, entering venue, seating in venue following designated seating for appropriate social distancing and departing venue to exit campus.

2.3 Seating is to be arranged in venue with desk/chairs to allow for 1.5m distance between seats, excess desks/chairs to be removed, placed in corner of venue.

2.4 Where seating is fixed, measurements must be taken to ensure 1.5m distance between allowable seats which are clearly marked for seating. Every other or every third seat is marked as acceptable seating given 1.5m distance. (Please note, this may reduce the maximum number of persons below the allowable 100 person maximum in some fixed seating venues.)

2.5 The FHS Logistics team has predetermined the capacity for each Faculty venue – click here for current venue seating capacity.

2.3 When appropriate, COVID Marshals should be assigned to maintain COVID Protocols, including maintaining social distancing when arriving/seating/exiting venues for all F2F sessions.

3. Cleaning

3.1 Morning sessions to be scheduled to start not earlier than 09h00 to allow for cleaning and venue preparation by Wits Cleaning Services.

3.2 If there is more than one sessions per day, an allowance of one hour between sessions is required in order for cleaning to be scheduled.

3.3 Appropriate sanitation of surfaces to be conducted as needed during use of venue by participants

4. Screening, Sanitising, Social distance, Masks and Visors

4.1 All participants to complete the COVID-19 Screening Tool via Logbox app, SMS Screening number or paper-based Screening tool with All Clear message displayed to Campus Protection to enter campus and venue.

4.2 All participants to sanitise hands prior to entering, during use of, and when exiting venue.

4.3 All participants to follow social distancing of 1.5m when arriving to campus, entering venue, seating in venue following designated seating for appropriate social distancing and departing venue to exit campus.

4.4 All participants to wear face mask during entire use of venue. Participants to add a visor, face shield, safety glasses, or goggles when participating in clinical skills, laboratory sessions or any F2F session when participants are within 1.5m of each other for teaching purposes. 

4.5 Venues should have adequate ventilation with air conditioning turned on and all windows opened, if applicable.


5.1 All staff member responsible for and participating in the session at the venue to follow Senate standing orders for assessments.

5.2 The responsible staff member to be at the venue 45 minutes ahead of the session.

5.3 The responsible staff member to place all materials to be used in the session at designated desks/writing places.

5.4 Where applicable, COVID marshals to be assigned to designated holding/waiting areas* and to regulate entry to, seating, and exit from venues and the campus.

5.5 The responsible staff member and COVID marshals to be clearly identified wearing Faculty-issued reflector bibs/vests.

5.6 Designated holding areas, clearly signposted, are required for a session involving 50 people; holding areas should be booked and indicated as such on the online form.

5.7 Communicate the following to attendees:  Provide own food/snack/water. Bring university identification card, stationery and other specific requirements.


5.8 Staff member/s to inspect the venue/s for spacing (1.5apart), seating arrangement, hygiene and ventilation at least 1 day prior to the session; venues with fixed seating will have demarcated seats.


5.9 The responsible staff member to open venue for entry at least 20 minutes for small venues and 30 minutes before for larger venues before the start of the session. Campus Control can assist.


5.10 Persons entering venue are to line up in single file, guided by floor markings or stickers to enter venue by responsible staff member, assisted by COVID marshals


5.11 Attendees to remain in the venue for the duration of the session to ensure an orderly exit at the end of the session. The responsible staff member to instruct attendees to leave the venue row by row, single file with masks on and to sanitize hands on exit.


5.12 Once venue has been cleared, the responsible staff member and COVID marshals to continue towards building and campus exits to ensure that attendees do not congregate and that they leave appropriately and safely.


*Holding or waiting areas are spaces on the campus, away from the venue, where groups of 50 people gather in smaller group sizes before a session, whilst observing social distancing and other COVID-19 precautions. Such areas depend on the number of persons in the session and may include other large venues that are not in use at the time; the piazza; FHS foyer and other foyers; parking areas and other open spaces.